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Academics Look at Media Pluralism

September 1, 2010
The International Journal of Communication

The International Journal of Communication (IJoC), has just published a special section on structural media pluralism

Florida Symposium to Discuss Nollywood Films

August 31, 2010
Nigerian Filmmaking has flourished in the era of digital cameras.

CRTC Releases Yet Another "Paternalistic" Community TV Policy

August 27, 2010
Ottawa (August 28,2010) After eight long years of complaints from the Canadian public that they have been excluded from "community TV channels" on cable, the CRTC yesterday released a new community TV policy for Canada that is little better than the existing policy.

2-Cent Video from New Orleans

August 26, 2010
NOLA group called 2-Cent sings of their city.


Radio Victoria--Sigue siendo Victoria--Parts One and Two

August 21, 2010
Radio Victoria is a small community radio in El Salvador threatened by death squads.




Celtic Tradition in Cape Breton

August 20, 2010
Cape Breton is home to MAbou MInes, where even the audience can join in with exquisite singing.


Marcos Media Message

August 19, 2010
Message to the Free Media Conference
Recorded as a message to the Free the Media Conference organized in NYC, Jan 31-Feb 1, 1997.

WACC: Statement on International Day of the World's Indigenous People

August 10, 2010
States have the main responsibility to take effective measures for promoting indigenous media.

Indigenous Theater Takes on GM Seeds

July 31, 2010
El Teatro Indigena de la Sierra Tarahumara is a small puppet theatre company located in the southernmost extension of the rocky mountains inhabited by the Raramuri Indians.

Hip Hop as Global Resistance

July 28, 2010
Hip Hop
by Iara Lee in Huffington Post In making my documentary film about electronic music, Modulations (1998), I learned a great deal about rap music.