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Christmas Carols for Palestine

December 23, 2007
Activists use the Christmas Season to confront merchant.
New York Human Rights Carolers Debut Songs Protesting Lev Leviev’s Israeli SettlementsNew York, NY, Dec 22 – Fifty New York human rights carolers sang parodies of holiday tu

Let 1000 Transmitters Bloom!

December 19, 2007
Berlin Radio Activist Celebrate Free Radio
BERLIN 01.-09.01.2008 Call for Participation Berlin Radio activists will host „Liberation Radio Week“ transmissions Jan 1-9,2008 LIVE and ON AIR from Berlin.

Saint Clair Bourne Passes

December 17, 2007
St. Clair Bourne, pioneer filmmaker and activist, died on Saturday
Photo Credit: Chester Higgins, Jr. "Most of mainstream and public television in the late ’60s, and even during the ’70s,” he said, “was from the point of

Way Beyond YouTube! Wiki on US PEG Streaming

December 13, 2007
The Alliance for Community Media has set up a Wiki with links to streaming PEG (Public, Educational and Government) channels in the U.S. You can get a sense of what sort of programming is being presented on these channels. Access centers can add their own url if it has not been included on the interactive site. http://communityaccessmediastreaming.wetpaint.com/?t=anon

Street Art Workers

December 10, 2007
SAW is an organization to support street art.
This is a stencil from 2004 when the theme was media. STREET ART WORKERS SAW was founded in March 20

From Nicaragua: The Dilema of Information and Communication

December 9, 2007
La información y la comunicación no pueden, ni deben seguir siendo manipuladas..
Dilemas de la información y la comunicación para un "buen gobierno" Arturo Zamora, Nicaragua, 07-12-2007 “Escuchar es el principio del entendimiento” La información y la


December 9, 2007
Soumana Maiga, founder of the biweekly L'Enqueteur, was detained Wednesday
Niger journalists free, but two still in prison Niamey - Police in Niger have released two journalists held for allegedly defaming the country's finance minister but they sti

Music in the Korean Workers' Movements

December 3, 2007
Music is an important element in the struggle.
A new Korean documentary shows how Yeon Yeongseok, a popular Korean singer, uses his work in support of Korean workers.It is called To the Bitter End and shows the determina

World AIDS Day Intervention- Dia Mundial de Sida

December 1, 2007
Bacanalnica is a web site which is visited each day by 10 million young people from throughout Central America. In an effort to intervene in that space, the following tape was posted.
My friend Arturo sends this message:
Después de hacer las gestiones personales con Bacanalnica, he puesto en la Web el anuncio de Perrozompopo. Dialogo intrafamiliar para la prevención del VIH.
Haga circular la direccion del Blog http://www.bacanalnica.com/blog.php

International Radio Event for Migrants

November 21, 2007
A special transmission directed towards migrants.
Radio 1812/2007 invites you to Tune in on International Migrants Day! It is estimated that some 200 million people live outside of their home countries.