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Brush with Border Patrol inspires APP on Immigration Rights

January 28, 2013
Art & Activism
Having the right information can combat illegal detention by over zealous ICE.


The Amazing Life and Work of Aaron Swartz

January 20, 2013
Several pieces about the recently deceased Aaron Swartz.

This recording I did, but Democracy Now did it on a tripod and with better sound.  DeeDee Halleck

The entire memorial is archived at


High Tech / Low Life: Overcoming Internet Censorship

January 10, 2013
Stephen Maing has made a film that looks at how Chinese citizen journalists go "over the wall" to defeat censorship.


Idle No More: Native Movement Spreads

December 30, 2012
Art & Activism
The ongoing protest movement among the First Nations spreading across the globe has created a map.

FOR A LINK TO THE INTERACTIVE MAP OF IDLE NO MORE GO TO:,-62.929687&spn=126.64569,246.445313

Silent March in Chiapas

December 24, 2012
Zapatistas gather in silent protest.

A video posted by PanLeft

Hurricane Manifesto

December 8, 2012
Clare Dolan presents a cantastoria (banner story) at the Ecosocialist Convergence

Street Artist Charged with 56 Counts for Punking NYPD with Drone Poster

December 5, 2012
Essan Attia is charged for posters pointing to police use of drones.

Street artist Essan Attia is being charged with 56 criminal counts after planting dozens of mock public service posters around New York, advertising the NYPD's use of drones to monitor civilians. He was arrested in New York last week after being tracked down by an ill-humored police force. Attia's arrest followed on a video interview the artist gave with the arts and culture website Animal New York, in which he described some of his motivations—including his libertarian political leanings—and how he pulled off the stunt: