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How we made the world hear Gaza, as citizen journalists

November 24, 2012
Under Threat
Covering the attacks on Gaza.

Submitted by Rana Baker on Sat, 11/24/2012 - 14:33

Journalists in Gaza Are Targeted by Israeli War Planes

November 18, 2012
Under Threat
Several media offices were hit today by rockets from the IDF.


One City, One People, One Planet

November 14, 2012
Seth Tobocman's commentary on the situation after Hurricane Sandy

World War III: Seth Tobocman

Troy Bike Rescue

November 12, 2012
In Troy,NY, Andrew Lynn & others are transforming transportation.



Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories

November 1, 2012
Media education
Bringing together women across the closed Turkish-Armenian border to build solidarity and peace through storytelling.

Francisco Javier Vera Hott, Chilean Lawyer for Digital Rights, speaks about Domain Take-Downs in Chile

October 21, 2012
What are the protocols for domain take-downs?

This is an interview with one of the ICCANN conference attendees from Chile on the question of domain "take-downs"


Report from Radio Victoria

October 19, 2012
Radio Victoria in El Salvador


Divino Tserewahu, interview at the Festival of Indigenous Films in Colombia

October 11, 2012
Entrevista con el comunicador y cineasta brasilero Divino Tserewahu, del pueblo indígena Xavante.


Venezuelan Election Covered by Community Media Reporters

October 7, 2012
After the Chavez victory in Venezuela, a look at community media of the "Bolivarian Revolution".