Threats Continue to Radio Victoria

May 20, 2011
Para military thugs threaten this small radio station in El Salvador.

 Radio Victoria AnnouncerRadio Victoria AnnouncerVolunteers at Radio Victoria in El Salvador interact with the 20 Mayo 2011    Hello Friends,

Radio Victoria

March 15, 2011
Identify the Location for Geocoding: 
Av. José Matias Delgado #47. Victoria, Cabañas, El Salvador, C.A.
Amenazas a Radio Victoria en El Salvador Assassinations in the Cabañas region have targeted environmentalists and labor leaders. Radio Victoria is a local FM community radio station that transmits from the town of Victoria in the northern hills of El Salvador. The station has come under increasing threat from armed actors for covering the news of the assassinations and for providing a voice to anti-mining activists. The Radio is run primarily by youth who live in the nearby communities.