Deep Dish Waves of Change is offering an amazing opportunity for 5 female New York City High School students. The paid Summer Internship Program is open to all high schoolers living in Community Board 9 interested in learning more about web design and development and journalism. The internship runs from July - August 2013.  Interns selected must commit to the full program and are required to attend weekly sessions. Interns will receive a $750 stipend plus transportation. 

  • Summer Internship: July - August 2013. 1-2 days per week and outside class time work.
  • Develop useful workplace skills
  • Receive a generous stipend
  • Work and learn from technical experts and community leaders
  • Make a difference in your community and the world
  • Share your experiences with your peers through presentations at school and in the community
  • Become ambassadors of change

Location: TBD Central/West Harlem

All applications must be submitted by June 07, 2013. We will notify accepted students by June 17, 2013. Applications will be accepted by the following methods:

Apply online

  • Email completed application form to
  • Mail completed application form to: Deep Dish Waves of Change, 175 Claremont Ave #45, New York, NY 10027
  • Drop off completed application at George Bruce Library, 518 West 125th Street (at Amsterdam Ave.), New York, NY 10027




Student Contact Information







Parent or Guardian Contact Information





Application Questions



Note: Having a computer is not necessary for the program. We will be providing them.



Including after-school programs, tutoring, clubs, dance/music/theatre, sports teams, community programs, church groups, etc.

Your Commitment

The Summer Internship Program requires total dedication in terms of attendance, punctuality, and assignments. Every part of this job's learning experience is equally important. You will need to be available for all class sessions. If you miss a class, you will be expected to make it up on your own time. Please thoughtfully consider whether you are willing and able to commit the necessary time. Space is very limited!
Write the times that you are available for each day of the week.

Check all that apply.