Photo by Tina Modotti 1929 of the Newspaper, El Machete

January 21, 2011
El Machete began publishing in 1924, printed in bold red and black. The paper was designed to be pasted on walls in order to reach the public directly. Its content featured more graphics than text: woodcuts by Guerrero and Siquieros and pen and ink drawings by Orozco. The slogan on the masthead: "The machete is used to reap cane, To clear a path through an underbrush, To kill snakes, end strife, And humble the pride of the impious rich." Unfortunately the editions were ephemeral: there are very few copies in existence. The set and the Biblioteca Nacional is incomplete and badly deteriorated. El Machete played a key role in the 1920's graphic arts resurgence. Its strong visual content, in which prints and drawings replaced the unadventurous photography of the mainstream press. Thanks to the work of Elissa Rashkin from her book The stridentist movement in Mexico.Photo by Tina Modotti 1929 of the Newspaper, El Machete