Community Media Survey

Payumat Radio, Colombia

As part of the Waves of Change project, Deep Dish is initiating a Community Media Survey. Please print out and distribute to community media groups in your region. They can respond via email to or in the comments section of this blog or mail to Deep Dish 339 Lafayette Street, NY NY 10012. We hope that some groups will video or audio the answers as part of "self portraits" to be included in the DVD series and this blog.

Community Media Project Survey
1. Tell us about your community and your media project.
2. What are some of the general characteristics of the community, geographically, economically, etc?
3. Describe what you do and how that has evolved.
4. Give a history of how this project was initiated and developed.
5. Show or describe your infrastructure: describe the place you work, the equipment you are using, the kinds
of tools, and the people that work with the project, either directly or indirectly.
6. Describe the sorts of content you create.
7. What community needs does the content fulfill?
8. How does the wider community interact with this project?
9. How do you measure success in terms of the project and its advancement of community goals and objectives?
10. What is the organizing structure of your media project?
11. Is your project tied to a particular social organization or is it independent?
12. How are decisions made?
13. Is there a training component?
14. What sources of funding do you have?
15. Is there a commercial component to your work?
16. How is this project sustained?
17. What relationship does your project have with the government, local, national or otherwise?
18. What outreach is in place? (Give examples)
19. How has the internet changed your practice (or not)?
20. Are you formally connected with other community organizations and/or institutions (i.e. schools, churches,
political parties, political movements)?
21. Are you connected with any national or international NGOs?
22. How is your organization responsive to specific community needs? Give examples.
23. How has the communication project enabled community development?
24. What are the long-term goals of this project?
25. What kind of outside assistance, both monetary and/or technical, do you depend on?
26. In what ways do you preserve (or transform) local culture?
27. How does your project differ from others in your geographical area?
28. What other media are there in your immediate area?
29. How does your project compare to other similar media projects on a national level?
30. Is access/participation in this project done on an equal basis, or is it only available to members or people with
specific skills or interest in specific issues and points of view?
31. Is your project goal based on campaigns, or on a more general consciousness-raising basis?
32. Do you see yourself as part of a wider community media movement? In what way?