Entrepreneurship Off the Hinges in New Orleans

Two Cent is a collective of artists, DJs, poets, musicians and activists who are responding to the situation in New Orleans. Their web front page has a video about the use of the devastation in New Orleans for tourism. As they say, there is more money in devastation than in regeneration. "We make sure we preserve this, just for your tourism.. if you pay $75 on one of the tour buses going around the city!" Their web sitehttp://2-cent.com/has a critique of racist media and some examples of the sort of racism that is prevalant on Fox News and other channels. There is also a look at the controversary around the N word. "So hold your change, cause we're putting in our 2 cents...Everyone has issues but they don't all have the outlet to get heard. So 2 cents to the rescue. That's what we here for!"