Cork Community TV

Interviews with Emma Bowell And Eddie Noonan of Cork Community TV.

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 Cork Community Television is a community access TV Station on UPC Ireland channel 803, broadcasting programmes made by, about and for Cork communities.

It launched on 28 May 2009 and is available to over 200,000 households across Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway and Waterford.

Different groups will require different levels of support (i.e. some groups already have some equipment but need training, others are starting from scratch). Also some groups wish to be involved in physically producing the programmes themselves, others will wish to work with Community TV personnel to produce their programmes.

Cork Community TV assists members and member organisations to secure funding from the Sound and Vision "Community in a Studio" fund, which is generated from the TV licence fee and administered by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI). The Sound and Vision fund is a grant scheme designed to support the production of new television and radio programmes in the areas of Irish culture, heritage and experience and adult literacy


Cork Community Television (CCTv) was established as a Company Limited by Guarantee (without share capital) in May 2007. Its primary aim is to enable communities to make, manage and broadcast television programming to reflect the interests, activities and concerns of these communities, in order to effect positive social change.

CCTv’s founding members are representatives of the community and voluntary sector and the community media sector who began meeting following the Pilot Week of Cork Community Television in 2005, to establish CCTv on a more permanent basis.

From its founding members, a voluntary Board of Management was formed to oversee the initial development of CCTv. There are currently 9 Board members of Cork Community Television (Siobhan O’Neill (chairperson), Emma Bowell (secretary), Karen Hogan (treasurer), Eddie Noonan, Margaret Desmond, Una Feely, Dave Whelan, Michael Hobbs, Audrey O’Mahony). There are currently over 30 members of Cork Community Television.