Deep Dish DIY Forum on Anti-Globalization












Manuel Perez Rocha, Brooke Lehman, Rick Rowley, Bitty Lukose, Sameer Dossani, David Solnet at NYU, November 21, 2008.

The evening was presented by Deep Dish TV and organized by Mark Read, the third part of a series entitled DIY Media: Movement Perspectives on Critical Moments.

The project is about collecting and distributing the narratives that social movements have currated for themselves; telling the histories that are always in danger of being drowned out and forgotten. It is the task of this project to ensure that this doesn't happen. For more information:











Brooke Lehman and Rick Rowley. Brooke is Co-Founder of Bluestockings Bookstore and the Direct Action Network.Rick is a producer with Big Noise Films. 













Bitty Lukose is Professor and author of a book on anti-globalization in Kerala, India

David Solnet was an organizer in the WTO struggle in Seattle. He currently works with Courage to Resist, supporting GI resistance.After the forum a group of panelists and audience members held up this banner: "In solidarity with indigenous, labor, and other activists who are potential targets of increased militarization funded and pushed by the U.S., we have some responsibility to stop it. Here's one campaign targeting it. (And we're open to learn about your ideas and others)".