Developing Non-Corporate Video Publishing

A meeting in Wiltshire UK Spring 2009 - the idea was to meet up and get some documentation and development done on using Drupal with Video. There were different sides of the coin. A lot of work was done on the Usability side of the user experience, and a lot of work on the following development elements. 12 people attended including the Dog

* Importing Media rich feeds with file enclosures * Subtitles displayed over video using JW player

* Grabbing non-corporate Flv files from URLs via the Embedded Media Field

* Transcoding with Media Mover and ffmpeg

* Mobile phone publication via email to Drupal website

For more information on all of this and to get involved check out the wiki page on Drupal . The meeting in Wiltshire was a follow-up of several meetings which have been held over the past three years. This is a report which was made in Italian about the first meeting, which took place in Rome.

The second meeting was in 2006.

A report on the Asia-Pacific Transmission meeting is presented on this blog at: