Experiments in Art Education in Luang-Prabang, Laos

The art school in Luang-Prabang, Laos has been holding media workshops. One was on graffiti. http://b-lp.syntone.org/tag.html Nathalie Magnan has been holding a video and photography workshop. Nathalie is a television producer and professor of video who lives in Paris. She is a former member of the "Paper Tiger TV" collective. Students have organized their photos into catagories: À L'ÉCOLE, AÉROTRANSIT, DESSINS, DÉTAILS, ÉLÉVATION, FAUNE, FILLIOU AU LAOS, FLORE, FOOD, GRAFF, IMAGES D'IMAGES, KATAW, LES AUTRES, LES MOINES, LES UNS, MARCHÉ, MÉKONG/NAM, PAGODES/SACRÉ, PAYSAGES, PÉTANQUE, PRISE, ROUTE, TAKBATH, TUKTUKGALLERY, VILL(AG)E, VRAC, WATERFALLS In this photo "bank" one can click on each catagory: http://banque.b-lp.syntone.org/ These two images are in the catagory "a l'ecole" (At School):