El Teatro Indigena de la Sierra Tarahumara

El Teatro Indigena de la Sierra Tarahumara is a small puppet theatre company located in the southernmost extension of the rocky mountains inhabited by the Raramuri Indians. The company is comprised of young indigenous men and women who did not finish school and are transitioning into adulthood. El Teatro travels from community to community, giving one week workshops in different regions of the mountains, providing an opportunity for young people from surrounding areas to gather and participate in the event.
El Teatro is organized by Teresa Camou Guerrero and core members of the current company; together they decide which local issues to address in their work, which often involves the incorporation of local legends and the creation of new songs written and performed by the company. The scripts are collectively written. El Teatro has utilized cantastoria in their performances since their founding. In 2003 the Center of Support for Indigenous Missions invited el Teatro to make a show during their national conference in Mexico City, on the theme of the importance of native corn in our communities. “La Historia Del Sunuco” deals with the contamination of native corn in the Northern indigenous regions of Mexico by the introduction of genetically modified seed. El Teatro Indígena de la Sierra Tarahumara, have performed this cantastoria in Mexico City, Chihuahua, Tijuana and all around the Sierra Tarahumara for many years. The word Sunuco comes from the Raramuri language that means native corn. This group will be part of the exhibition at the Packer Gallery in Chicago of "Cranks and Banners".  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cranks/banners-and-cranks-first-ever-festival-and-exhibit/posts