Youth Radio in Albuquerque

This tape was made as part of the Prometheus Radio Making Waves tour. Albuquerque, New Mexico is a hub of community media. In our time here we have got to meet with folks from QuoteUnquote, a community-run Public Access Television Station, youth radio- out of KUNM, and The Media Literacy Project and the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. Youth from throughout Albuquerque are creating media, telling stories from their perspectives- and utilizing the media to discuss issues important to their communities. In our workshops and presentations here we have focused on radio as tool for organizing and as a tool to solve problems. Participants brainstormed about using radio and community media to overcome discrimination towards Arab and Mexican people, combat drunk driving and pedestrian deaths, end dog fighting, preserve native languages and culture, stop police harassment, and more. Youth Radio in Albuquerque already focuses their radio program on social justice issues which they share through KUNM and also their blog. They are currently mobilizing and fundraising to send youth members to the Allied Media Conference.