Florida Symposium to Discuss Nollywood Films

Nigerian films are the world's third biggest film industry.

One Day Symposium at the University of Florida, Ritz Union
Nigeria as a Center of Discourse: 
Re-centering a Marginal Nation-State
organized by Kole Oluwatoyin Ade-Odutola,
Lecturer, University of Florida
Friday October 1st
Program of event 9:00 to 12:45pm
(1). Arrival of Guests 9:00 to 9:30am
(2). Opening formalities and Welcome Addresses
(2.1) The Chair of LLC
(2.2) The sponsors…Center for Humanities and Center for Cultural studies
(3). Introduction of speakers/ Chairman’s opening remarks
1st Session….Nigeria in text and in context
(4) Organisation of a Modern Nigeria using indigenous wisdom by Adewale Ajadi
(5) “The Many and Changing Faces of Ogun: The Yoruba God of Iron in Florida.” …Prof.Robin Poynor
(6) Knowing Nigeria through music…Professor Bender
(7) Knowing Nigeria through creative writers…STILL OPEN
(8). 50 Years of Nigerian Literature….by Professor Ken Harrow (Kenneth W. Harrow Distinguished Professor of English, Michigan State University)
(9). Performance and presentation by Dr. Rachel Hastings
(10). Questions and responses
(11). Lunch Break 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Afternoon   Nollywood: What it is and what it is not
(12). Introduction of speakers/ Chairman’s opening remarks
(12.1) The Chair of the session
(12.2). Introduction of speakers
(13). "Religious and Surrealistic constructions in Nollywood: NEED A PRESENTER
(14). "Nollywood: A Cinema In Search Of Itself."...NEED A NEW TOPIC AND PRESENTER
3:30pm to 4:30pm (Professor L. White introduces Dr. Ambler) (Speaker sponsored by the Center for African Studies)
(15). “The Movies in Nigeria from Hollywood to Nollywood.”..Dr. Ambler
(16). Screening of 'Green Passport' (30mins)
(17) Reception at Grinter Hall (Sponsored by the Center for African studies)
After the reception…
3rd session Politics and representation (6:30pm to 9pm)
(18). Chairperson’s brief remarks
(19). (Middle Belt: People, politics,[Nigerian Middle-belt Region: The Third Force in Nigerian Politics.]…Professor Tunga Lergo
(20). Brief spoken word Performance by Dr. Rachel Hastings
(21). Screening of Professor Su O’Brien’s Documentary (65mins)
(22). Questions and responses
(23). Closing remarks