Academics Look at Media Pluralism


The International Journal of Communication (IJoC), has just published a special section on structural media pluralism that aims to analyze the complex phenomenon of media pluralism. Theoretically, this systemic perspective refers to the broader—political, geographical, cultural and economic—environments within which media (as institutions, outlets and services) operate. Combining a description of media system arrangements with normative considerations and analysis of regulatory models, invited authors have chosen national perspectives, focusing on Greece, the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany.  The special section is an outcome of the collective work by a group of scholars gathered under the framework of COST A30 Action East of West: Setting a New Central and East European Media Research Agenda.  Earlier versions of the papers were presented during the Second ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) Conference in Barcelona, November 2008.   Visit to read this collection of articles.  We look forward to your feedback.   Manuel Castells & Larry Gross                    Editors  Beata Klimkiewicz Guest Editor Arlene Luck Managing Editor