IndyKids: Alternative Media for Children



IndyKids describes itself as:

"A free newspaper, website and teaching tool that aims to inform children on current news and world events from a progressive perspective and to inspire a passion for social justice and learning. It is geared toward kids in grades 4 to 7. IndyKids produces content monthly during the school year (September through May) with five print editions and four online editions. IndyKids currently produces 10,000 copies of every print issue – and reaches kids in 36 states across the nation through nearly 200 classroom and individual subscriptions. On average, about 1,000 people download the PDF of each print issue. The search-able website receives over 7,000 unique visitors each month.

IndyKids believes that it is the people, through grassroots organizations and movement-building, who make social change. We believe that kids understand what is happening around them and the truth does not have to be sanitized.  IndyKids aims to engage young kids to understand that they can form their own opinions and become part of the larger movement for justice and peace."

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