Anti-Nuke art in Japan

December 8, 2013
Art & Activism
Artists in Japan have taken on the issue of nuclear danger.


Japanese Media Critic Calls for Public Access Broadcasting in Wake of Nuclear Emergency

July 9, 2012
Video & Television
An article by Eriko Arita in the Japan Times

by Eriko Arita in Japan Times

In the week immediately after March 11, 2011 — when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit Tohoku and crippled the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant — most Japanese were closely watching TV news programs — amazed that a nuclear crisis was now threatening their lives.

Child from Fukushima Speaks Out at UN Status of Women Conference

March 8, 2012
Under Threat
Children from Fukushima spoke at a press conference at the United Nations.

Radioactivists of Japan

August 2, 2011
The growing activism in Japan against nuclear power and the Japanese social structure.

From Clarissa Seidel and Julia Leser:

Radioactivists Trailer from ginger blonde on Vimeo.