Alliance for Community Media


March 28, 2012
Under Threat
Northern Visions is a pioneering community media center in Northern Ireland threatened with loss of funding.

Supporters of Northern Visions today began campaigning to prevent the
closure of Belfast’s only open access community digital media and arts
centre. The organisation exhausted all formal channels when it learned
last week that it did not fit with the remits of the Arts Council of
Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Screen. Core funding for the
centre was previously received from both bodies. Effectively, it has
been told by these two bodies, that it is neither a film nor an arts
organisation. The centre was established in 1986 and is situated in

Mid Peninsula Public Access, Palo Alto

March 29, 2011
Identify the Location for Geocoding: 
Palo Alto, CA, USA

Annie Folger, Director of Palo Alto Media Center


July 27, 2007
The Alliance for Community Media is a national organization in the US supporting Public, Educational & Government Access.

The Alliance for Community Media is holding their annual conference in Minneapolis.Lauren Glynn Davidian received the George Stoney award for her work with Chittenden Communit