The Media War in Honduras



The audio is taken from yesterday's Telesur transmission. The stills are moments from Telesur's coverage.
From Entertainment Daily:
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Honduran troops detained seven international journalists covering the aftermath of a military coup Monday, freeing them unhurt a short time later. The government also took at least two television stations off the air and interrupted the broadcasts of others.

From a Honduran blog:
Desde que se ejecutó el golpe de Estado, el gobierno de facto ha cerrado canales de televisión, emisoras de radio, ha perseguido periodistas y bloqueado las conexiones por internet. Sólo teleSUR ha transmitido como cadena internacional minuto a minuto los hechos que rodean este golpe de Estado, ahora amenazan con detener al equipo de teleSUR.
This still image is from Telesur, the program service from Venezuela. It shows the contrast between what is playing on a Honduran private television channel (telenovelas) and what is happening outside the presidential palace (reality). Channels with news have been shut down in Honduras, even CNN.