Internet Governance in Brazil

June 24, 2016
Art & Activism
A message from Carlos Alfonso, representative to the Non Commercial Stakeholders Group at ICANN


Carlos Alfonso, representative to the Non Commercial Users Stakeholders Group at ICANN

has posted this notice:

Note: given the recent transition in the Brazilian federal government

The citizen media scene in Madagascar

March 15, 2011
Identify the Location for Geocoding: 

The blogosphere has been growing slowly but steadily the past decade, slightly struggling to find its voice until the 2009 political crisis. The sudden precipitation of events that provoked high demand for frequent updates provided a unique set up for the budding blogosphere to assert their potential, despite the evident challenges.

The past events have been thoroughly documented so let us focus on the consequence of the crisis on citizen journalists and conversely the impact of citizen media on the evolution of the crisis.

Demand for Freedom of Expression in Tunesia

January 14, 2011

 Joint action / Action communeTUNISIA: IFEX-TMG concerned about further threats to freedom of expression posed by state of emergency

The Media War in Honduras

June 29, 2009
As a coup happens, Chavez addresses the Honduran soldiers.