Radio Victoria is 21 Today!

July 15, 2014
Radio Victoria is a small community radio station in Cabañas, El Salvador.

Hellos Friends, today we celebrate 21 years of Radio Victoria on the air!!!

(You can listen to the stream at  )

Troy Bike Rescue

November 12, 2012
In Troy,NY, Andrew Lynn & others are transforming transportation.



Radio Work with Rural Youth in Guatemala by Lisa Maya Knauer

December 29, 2011

From a Blog by Lisa Maya Knauer
Rural youth

IAMCR Report: A Brazilian Community Appropriates "Favela Tours" and Maps Their Community

July 16, 2011
Santa Marta's Favela Tours Offer Community Meals and Soccer Games with Residents

At the International Association of Media and Communication Researchers meeting in Istanbul this week, Joao Luis de Araujo Maia presented a report on a favela enterprise. Araujo Maia has worked in the favela of Santa Marta for ten years. Santa Marta decided to appropriate the tourist tradition. 

Sinpare: Hip Hop from Kenya

May 10, 2010
Sinpare has continued to work with other young hip hop artists,