The President of Ireland Opens the IAMCR Conference in Dublin

June 28, 2013
Media policy
Dublin was home to Sean McBride, whose UNESCO commission fostered global democratic communication.

MIchael Higgins on media, access, & the public sphere. He quotes Habermas and Raymond Williams.

Social Movement Media, Democracy, and the Question of Time-Frame

December 23, 2011

John Downing, vice-president of IAMCR and editor of the newsletter is introducing a new feature to the newsletter – a series of brief reflections by IAMCR members on intellectual issues relevant to the Association’s work. In this issue John looks at 'Social Movement Media, Democracy, and the Question of Time-Frame'. IAMCR members are invited to send their ideas for future newsletters to John at news[AT]iamcr.org.

International Association of Media and Communication Researchers Closes Conference in Istanbul

July 18, 2011
IAMCR closes their 2011 Conference held in Istanbul at Kadir Has University.


The International Association of Media and Communications Researchers closed with a rousing ceremony on Sunday, July 17, 2011. This clip includes the musical group, Akatay Project. Their website is http://www.akatayritim.com/

The site for the Association is http://iamcr.org/  

IAMCR Report: A Brazilian Community Appropriates "Favela Tours" and Maps Their Community

July 16, 2011
Santa Marta's Favela Tours Offer Community Meals and Soccer Games with Residents

At the International Association of Media and Communication Researchers meeting in Istanbul this week, Joao Luis de Araujo Maia presented a report on a favela enterprise. Araujo Maia has worked in the favela of Santa Marta for ten years. Santa Marta decided to appropriate the tourist tradition. 

International Association of Media and Communication Researchers Conference Opens in Istanbul

July 14, 2011
Annabelle Sreberny opened the IAMCR conference on July 13 to an overflow crowd of 1700 attendees.

From a history of the organization by Kaarle Nordenstreng and Cees Hamelink:

The history of the IAMCR goes back to the first years of Unesco. Its Committee on Technical Needs in the Mass Media drafted in 1946 a constitution for an “International Institute of the Press and information, designed to promote the training of journalists and the study of press problems throughout the world............