Zomba Prison Project

December 21, 2015
Prisoners in Malawi have recorded music which is distributed via the internet.

Aso-Oke Weaving

January 27, 2015
Art & Activism
“Aso Oke – The Woven Beauty,” presented at Red Door Gallery in Lagos

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If cotton is for comfort and viscose for drape, then

Nigerian Aso Oke is for shakara. Originating from Yoruba culture,

Aso Oke is handwoven textile traditionally worn for special

ocations such as weddings or naming ceremonies. Tunde Owolabi's

Imagining the Future of the Internet: Will the Internet Become Digital Plantations?

May 16, 2014
Will thoughts become the raw material for intellectual property of the West? We lose more and more and we pay for it daily.   

Francisco Javier Vera Hott, Chilean Lawyer for Digital Rights, speaks about Domain Take-Downs in Chile

October 21, 2012
What are the protocols for domain take-downs?

This is an interview with one of the ICCANN conference attendees from Chile on the question of domain "take-downs"


Sahara TV reaches many in Africa.

February 21, 2012
Video & Television
Omoyela Sowore the founder of Sahara Reporters, as on-line blog about Africa, now creating on-line television streams.

Windhoek 20 Years Later and the State of African Media

May 3, 2011
20 years ago today, the Windhoek declaration was adopted and May 3rd was declared World Press Freedom Day.

Media Institute of Southern AfricaMedia Institute of Southern Africa

Jamie McClelland Discusses the Internet in Africa

March 8, 2011
Jamie McClelland of May First/People Link discusses the Internet in Africa as part of the IMC-Africa report back.