Imagining the Future of the Internet: Will the Internet Become Digital Plantations?

May 16, 2014
Will thoughts become the raw material for intellectual property of the West? We lose more and more and we pay for it daily.   

Landmark Bill in Brazil Protects Net Neutrality and Privacy on the Internet

March 25, 2014
EX culture minister, Gilberto Gil's petition for internet freedom bill. Moncau & Mizukami comment.


March 20, 2014
Jac SM Kee on the need for women to become empowered

Published on Mar 12, 2014
The International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics spoke with Jac SM Kee, Manager of the Women's Rights Programme, Association for Progressive Communications at the event "ICTs and the Internet as Powerful Means in Advancing Women's Rights and Empowerment: Opportunities and Challenges".
March 12, 2014 New York at the 58th UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW58)

Burning Issues in Communication Theory

April 24, 2013







Burn!ing Issues in Communication Theory:

a case study of internet free speech within the university




DeeDee Halleck

Professor Emerita

Department of Communication

The Amazing Life and Work of Aaron Swartz

January 20, 2013
Several pieces about the recently deceased Aaron Swartz.

This recording I did, but Democracy Now did it on a tripod and with better sound.  DeeDee Halleck

The entire memorial is archived at


High Tech / Low Life: Overcoming Internet Censorship

January 10, 2013
Stephen Maing has made a film that looks at how Chinese citizen journalists go "over the wall" to defeat censorship.


Apple technology to prohibit transmission

September 5, 2012
Under Threat
Software enables shutdown of cell phones, cameras and computers.


Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive”, and “protected from externalities.”