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February 17, 2014
Digital megaphones amplify the voices of marginalized communities

Since 2004, has been inviting groups of people marginalized within society to express their experiences and opinions. Using mobile phones they create audio recordings, videos, text and images that are immediately published on the Web. Participants transform these devices into digital megaphones, amplifying the voices of individuals and groups who are often overlooked or misrepresented in the mainstream media.

Community Radio in El Salvador Prepares for the Elections

January 26, 2014
Letter from Radio Victoria: We will cover the local Cabañas elections and the national picture.


The Internet as Human Right in Finland

August 25, 2011
Finland is the first nation to declare that access to the internet is a human right.


Migrant Workers Television in Korea Has Covered Many Immigration Issues

May 18, 2011
Program subjects include human rights, health care, multicultural education, employment permits.

Issues that have been covered by Migrant Workers Television (MWTV) are health care, employment permits, multi cultural education, ethnic cultural events,  human rights, crackdowns on refugees.  Immigrants in Korea come from Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Mongolia, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and Vietnam. Many of the programs are in these languages and cover specific issues of interest to migrants.

A list of their programs sorted by ethnic community and subjects is at:



Deep Dish Television is working on a series about migration:

Radio Victoria

March 15, 2011
Identify the Location for Geocoding: 
Av. José Matias Delgado #47. Victoria, Cabañas, El Salvador, C.A.
Amenazas a Radio Victoria en El Salvador Assassinations in the Cabañas region have targeted environmentalists and labor leaders. Radio Victoria is a local FM community radio station that transmits from the town of Victoria in the northern hills of El Salvador. The station has come under increasing threat from armed actors for covering the news of the assassinations and for providing a voice to anti-mining activists. The Radio is run primarily by youth who live in the nearby communities.

International Radio Event for Migrants

November 21, 2007
A special transmission directed towards migrants.
Radio 1812/2007 invites you to Tune in on International Migrants Day! It is estimated that some 200 million people live outside of their home countries.