An Overview of Gangs and Graffiti Culture

January 4, 2015

By Jorge David Mancillas


Burning Issues in Communication Theory

April 24, 2013







Burn!ing Issues in Communication Theory:

a case study of internet free speech within the university




DeeDee Halleck

Professor Emerita

Department of Communication

Are video games propaganda and training tools for the military?

March 18, 2012

It's a shadowy and lucrative relationship. But just how close

are video-game developers with various military outfits?

And how does it affect the games we play?

Social Movement Media, Democracy, and the Question of Time-Frame

December 23, 2011

John Downing, vice-president of IAMCR and editor of the newsletter is introducing a new feature to the newsletter – a series of brief reflections by IAMCR members on intellectual issues relevant to the Association’s work. In this issue John looks at 'Social Movement Media, Democracy, and the Question of Time-Frame'. IAMCR members are invited to send their ideas for future newsletters to John at news[AT]

Report on Visiting the Wall Street Occupation

October 24, 2011

\Wednesday, October 12, 2011
It was a rainy day in New York City. In the morning there was even a flood advisory for parts of Brooklyn where I’m living and I could see the rain coming down in sheets at 11AM. I wondered how the Wall Street occupiers were faring in the downpour. Were they tempted to temporarily abandon the occupation?

New Media and People Powered Up-Risings

September 5, 2011

an MIT blog.
Social media is a potent tool for change, one that upends the collective action dynamics that, until now, have constrained Arab citizens.

by ZEYNEP TUFEKCI 08/30/2011
Zeynep Tufekci is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her main research interests are the social impacts of technology, theorizing the web, gender, research methods, inequality, and social media. Her blog: technosociology.

Interview with Sasha Costanza-Chock

August 16, 2011

Sasha Costanza-Chock is joining the faculty of the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT as Assistant Professor of Civic Media, and is one of the three principal investigators (along with Ethan Zuckerman and Mitchel Resnick) of the Center for Civic Media. He caught up with his new colleague Ethan Zuckerman to talk about his background and his plans at MIT.