Media policy

Local Content Regulations: Support for Indigenous Culture in Kenya

 Policy, Law and Regulations:   The National ICT Policy, set the foundation for building digital local content. Kenya Information and Communications Act (Cap 411A) tasked the Communications Commission of Kenya to develop Kenya Information and Communications (Broadcasting) Regulations, 2009. where “Local content” means the total of all television or radio programmes which fulfil any five of the following conditions:

Music in Kenya: Club Sound, Nairobi, KenyaMusic in Kenya: Club Sound, Nairobi, Kenya

(a) the production is made in either Kenya’s native languages or official languages of Kenya;
(b) production was done in Kenya;
(c) the content deals with issues that are unique and relevant to Kenyan audiences;
(d) at least twenty per centum of the share of the production company are owned by Kenyans;
(e) a majority of the artistes are Kenyans; 
(f) the location of shooting, in case of audiovisual programmes or performance was in Kenya; 
(g) the author thereof must be a Kenyan national and in case of co-authorship or multi-authorship fifty per centum or more of the authors must be Kenyan;
(h) the production is made under Kenyan creative and technical control, but does not include news and commentaries;